SC-5 SimCube®

Simulation Kit

For testing patient monitoring products with basic vital sign parameters, this kit is a great solution that includes all the features of the SimCube® and OxSim® plus accessories. Simultaneously simulate ECG, Respiration, Arrhythmia, Invasive Blood Pressure, NIBP, and SpO2 with this kit. Featuring automated leak test mode, SpO2 manufacturer detection, heart rate and respiration sequences. Save when you order as a kit!

Thousands of Biomeds worldwide trust the Sc-5 SimCube + OxSim Simulation Kit for portable, accurate vital signs simulation. All accessories are included with no hidden costs. One-button operation means ultra-fast PMs — no touchscreens required. With the pioneering, patented feather-weight Cuff Jacket, get NIBP simulations free of bulky mandrels. 4-year parts and labor warranty plus durability to withstand 50 drops from 3.5 feet yield unsurpassed value to this compact package.

SC-5 SimCube® + OxSim® Simulation Kit Features:

NIBP Simulations

  • Adult (120/80 mmHg), Neonatal (70/40 mmHg), Hypertensive (190/120 mmHg), and Hypotensive (80/40 mmHg) NIBP Simulations
  • Digital Manometer
  • Over Pressure (Peak Detect) Test mode measures the peak pressure produced by the patient monitor. The readout latches the highest pressure valve sensed, in 0.1 mmHg steps
  • Leak Rate Test Mode

ECG/Respiration Simulations

  • 12-lead ECG Simulation
  • Arrhythmia
  • Respiration
  • Heart Rate/Respiration sequence
  • Pacer

IBP Simulations

  • Invasive Blood Pressure (IBP) Dynamic values (120/80, 70/40, 190/120)
  • 7 static IBP vualues (0, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250)

SpO2 Simulations

  • Saturation: 85, 95, 98, 99% Low Perfusion
  • Pulse Rate: 40, 80, 140

Package Contents

  • SC-5 SimCube® NIBP Simulator
  • OX-1 OxSim® Miniaturized Optical Pulse Oximeter Tester
  • Battery Boost
  • (6) NIBP Adapters
  • Cuff Jacket
  • (1) IBP extension cable
  • (1) IBP Adapter Cable of your choice
  • (1) Specially-modified nylon carrying case

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